The Quest For A Rest

I’m tired. All the time, it seems. The fatigue that I thought would dissipate over time has held on tightly, without letting go.  Oh, there’s an occasional loss of grip, but for the most part, it’s got an iron grip on me.

I have tried taking caffeine pills, ingesting other prescribed stimuli, checking my sleep oxygen saturation levels, had blood work done and anything else I could think of.  Absolutely nothing worked.  And I need energy — not a lot, just some — any, would be nice.

It was suggested that I take walks or ride a bicycle.  Energy creates energy, right?   In my new life of being a sloth, there are days when it takes work to BREATHE.  Take a walk?  It’s not gonna happen.  No way. No how.

So, what’s a sloth to do?

Sleep more?  More sleep should equal more rest, correct?  Logically, yes. But nothing about this kind of tired is logical.   No matter how much sleep I get, it makes no difference.  Oh how I wish I could wake up and feel rested in the morning.

Ahhh, the quest, for rest.  Sometimes it takes work to breathe.