My Faith

Have   FAITH


As my four-year old granddaughter happily exclaimed one afternoon,

“Grandma!  I know what faith is!   Faith is believing in something that you cannot see”. 

Faith ….. that’s exactly it.  I believe in a God that I can’t see.  Why?  Because I believe what the Bible says and I’ve seen the difference that God has made in my life.

A lot of people claim that the Bible is “true” because “it works”.

That is inaccurate …. the Bible “works” because it is “true”.

It is not only a religious book, it is a historical documentation of the events of that time.  Documentation of prophecies fulfilled.  Documentation of lives changed.  Documentation of witnesses’ accounts of those changed lives.  Despite the efforts of many people, no one has been able to disprove it throughout time.

God is not MAGICAL.  God is not some judgmental being that lives in the sky and is 6’2″ tall with a 5″ hand span.  God was not created by something/someone else.

God IS:

  • Creator of the heavens, earth, plants, animals & people
  • Perfect and Holy
  • The only One that can love us unconditionally
  • A triune God (Father, son – Jesus, and Holy Spirit)
  • All-knowing
  • Everywhere at all times
  • Forgiving and Righteous
  • Just (fair & consistent)
  • Grace-giving (has favor upon us — that we cannot and do not earn)


The Bible is not a story book written by a bunch of random, contradictory people.  The Bible is the unadulterated Word of God.

Jesus is not simply a really good guy that showed up one day and disappeared on another.

Jesus IS:

  • The son of God
  • Holy and perfect
  • The only way to Heaven

I believe:

In God the Father, in Jesus Christ His only Son, and in The Holy Spirit.   I believe what the Bible says, including that Jesus was  born to a young virgin, named Mary.  I believe that Jesus was crucified (hung on a cross) and He was buried after His death.   I believe that He didn’t stay in the grave but He rose from the dead on the third day.  I believe that He walked the earth for a short time and then ascended up into Heaven and now sits at God’s right hand.  I believe that He is coming again and will judge us all, the living and also the dead.   I believe in the Holy church and in the communion of saints.  I believe in  the forgiveness of sins and that the bodies of believers will be resurrected and will live in Heaven with God for all eternity.


The bottom line

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past.   And, it doesn’t matter how “good” of a person you are.  It doesn’t matter how much you give to charity or help at the local food bank.  It doesn’t matter if you struggle with addiction, if you have been abusive or feel as if you fail at everything.  It doesn’t matter if your “good deeds” outnumber your “bad deeds”.

The only thing that matters is your relationship with God.  Believing in God.  Accepting Him.  At the point of your acceptance of Jesus into your life, you get a clean slate.  You get a clean slate every day.  God removes all memory of your past sins from His memory.   It’s that easy.   It really is!

So, what is SIN?  Sin is anything that is outside of God’s Will.

Here’s the thing …. if you ask God to forgive you & honestly ask Him to change your life by coming into your heart, HE WILL.   Then, your life begins to change.  For some people, it’s an immediate change.  For others, it’s a gradual change.  But either way, your life is gonna change.  You are forgiven.  You will spend eternity in Heaven.

My change was gradual.  I started feeling badly when I did something that I knew was wrong.  I wanted to do what was pleasing to God.  I wanted to go to church to learn about this God who saved me.  I started talking to God more (praying) … not just when I “needed” or “wanted” something, but for guidance for everyday things.  Joy filled my heart.   I have learned, joy does not equal happiness.  Joy is a peace in your heart knowing that God (the Holy Spirit) lives within you.  Happiness is a different story.  Happiness is an expression of contentment like when things are going to your satisfaction.  I can have joy in my heart while crying my eyes out because a loved one is dying.

Having God in your life does not mean that you will have a trouble-free life.  Jesus himself was taunted and hated by some.  But, having God in your life will give you peace and strength during those times of trouble.  I know, because I have that.   It’s a peace that I can’t even understand.  It’s awesome!

So, if you decide you’d like to have Jesus in YOUR life, you simply need to talk to God.  Talking to God is praying.  So just pray something like this:

Dear God, thank you for hearing my prayer.  I believe that You are who You say you are.  I believe that the Bible is true and that Jesus died on the cross so that I can go to heaven, as if I have never sinned in my life.  I want you to come into my heart and to change me.  Please forgive me for my sins.  Come into my heart.  Amen.

That’s it.   Salvation is yours.  Your life is going to change in an amazing way!



That same granddaughter that gave me her definition of “faith”, had me listen to this song about faith and how it changes you.  Below is a link to the song, “Something In The Water”.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Something In The Water, by Carrie Underwood

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