Life Lessons. What CANCER taught me.



 LIFE ……

Available for a limited time only.  Limit one (1) per person.  Non-transferrable.  Subject to change without notice.  Terms and conditions apply.  Fragile.  Handle with care.


Much to my surprise, cancer taught me things.  

I didn’t expect that. 

But, I’ve seen my life change.  I’ve seen my priorities and my attitude change.  That has filled me with awe.  I’m in my 50s and I never imagined that at this point in my life I’d have my world turned upside down and have that turn out to be a good thing.     🙂





Cancer has taught me . . . .
  • To pursue deep emotional connections with people.

I find myself being interested on a different level.  I’m wanting to CONNECT with people … to be real … to be available …

A drawing of how I perceive myself being more available




  • To experience dreams, not just dream them.
I painted this to remind myself (and others) to follow (y)our dreams.


Whenever possible, I am taking chances.  I’ve always dreamed of traveling after I retire.   I really want to see the Grand Canyon for example.  But, I realized, I do not need to wait until I retire.  None of us know how long we’re on this earth so why wait for my dreams happen … why not MAKE them happen?  So, that’s what I’m doing … I went to the Grand Canyon this year … I look forward to future adventures.… ..  

I made it to the Grand Canyon!!



  • To reach out to other patients

I work in the medical field.  I care about people.   After having cancer, there’s a deeper level of caring.  It’s hard to explain, it’s just … deeper.   I’ve been “meeting” people through this blog and I’ve learned that there’s a camaraderie amongst survivors.   I am blessed to be meeting people that have experienced the same struggles, treatments, side effects, emotions.  I’ve learned to reach out ….

A photo that perfectly represents reaching out




  • To take opportunities, just because

There have been things in my life that I’ve had to opportunity to do but chose not to because it didn’t seem that important, was too intimidating, or it just wasn’t “me”.  I’m taking those opportunities now.   Here’s an example:  My employer has an annual Gala and it’s a fund raiser … one of those events for the uppity-ups to get together and rub elbows.  Everyone is invited to get dressed up and everyone who “is someone” will be there.  Well, I’m going this year.  Yep, me  —  who is so far from an “uppity-up” (that it’s not funny), is going.          Why?           

Why not?  I have the opportunity.  And I’m taking it, just because …

That's me in the center. Out of scrubs and into a gown. :)
 df     That’s me in the center.
     Out of scrubs and into a gown.   🙂



  • To prioritize, differently

I can prioritize.  No problems there.  I just do it differently now.  Things that I fretted over (before cancer), aren’t worth my worry now.   If everything doesn’t get ironed on Tuesday, so what?    If I failed to pull weeds, who cares?   If I’m not able to cook tonight, it’s not a big deal.   My husband had been trying to convince me that these things are trivial, that I shouldn’t stress about them.  I just didn’t seem to be able to adopt that attitude.  Cancer changed that.  It’s taught me to enjoy each day.  I still prioritize, just differently.  If something doesn’t get done, it’s okay, tomorrow is another day and EACH day should have joy …. 

Priorities have Changed



  • To become more purpose driven

I’m living life with purpose now.  Every day is a gift and I appreciate that gift.  I set more short-term goals now.  They’re not large, unattainable goals but rather they’re little things that mean something (to me or to someone else) ….sdffasdf

  • To express love more openly

I say “I love you” more frequently.  I tell my family.  I tell my friends.   I want to live without regret.  I want to apologize when needed and show love as often as possible.  Kindness truly does matter ….

Holding someone’s hand can mean holding their heart.



  • To relax

I’ve been through a lot of polar opposites in my life.  I’ve been extremely thin and extremely overweight.  I’ve had a lot of money and hardly enough to live on.  I’ve been loved & resented.  Tremendously respected and times of being looked down upon.  My health is more important than any of those things and I needed to exhale and not be so uptight.  Cancer has taught me that my identity is not in any of  the above.  I can relax and just be me.  I can relax and just be …. 




  • To go beyond my comfort zone

Starting this blog was WAY beyond my comfort zone.  I’m putting things on here that I would NEVER have shared with the public.   I’ll be putting some very personal things on here that I wouldn’t have even shared with family members, ever  ….    But, I’ve grown and I’ve learned and that’s an awesome thing.  I’m moving outside the box … 

I’ve learned to go beyond my “comfort zone”







“Don’t be afraid; Just believe” — Mark 5:36b

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