Future Plans

I want to expand my blog to make it a resource for all types of cancers
I’d like to share cancer signs, symptoms & treatment(s) as well as personal stories for specific malignancies.  Please contact me to offer suggestions and/or share your story.   Any personal journeys that I publish, I will credit you, of course.  You may send  me photo if you’d like.
 I also would like to build a In Remembrance page. 
I envision it as a place of honor to remember, or even celebrate, the memory of those who fought.   Please contact me with stories of your loved one.  You may send photos for this page as well.  I look forward to sharing in this!
There’s a book in the future plans.  This blog will be the basis for a memoir and sold through Amazon.com worldwide. 

**update — the book is in progress and will be approximately 400 pages —








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