Becoming an Author

My husband, friends and family, have encouraged me to take a serious look at writing and to use this site as the basis for a book.

After contributing a couple of chapters to an anthology compiled by another author, I decided to give it a go.  I will self-publish and sharing my story is going to be a financial strain, but I will figure it out and I will not recruit donations from others to accomplish this feat.  My purpose for writing isn’t to make a ton of money (although I wouldn’t turn it down … haha … I have a LOT OF MEDICAL BILLS), but rather to increase awareness and to potentially help other survivors through their journey.  I have battled, nearly resigned, and ultimately learned how to manage the numerous long-term side effects caused by treatment.

Life is different now.  I have a new normal.  And, it’s been difficult.  If you had asked me a year ago whether I would’ve gone through it all (treatment) again, I would’ve given you an emphatic “no”.  But writing has been therapeutic.  Writing and truly examining the past (nearly) seven years, has shown me that I would make the same choice to have chemotherapy and radiation.  There have been too many beautiful memories over the years to imagine never having those special moments.  And, those moments aren’t important only to me.  The memories include exhilaratingly joyful faces of those with and around me.  So, I suppose God isn’t done with me.  I have a purpose.  I need to share my story (all of it) with others — whether that is one or two people or whether that is thousands of people.

I will periodically update with my progress and keep you informed of the publish date.


Wishing you much love, good health and incredible joy,                                                                                                 Laura

Published by aLauraborealis

I am a Christian wife, mother and grandmother. I retired from the field of medical laboratory science and I'm a cancer warrior extraordinaire. (Oh, yes, that “counts as a title”.) As a strong patient advocate, I educate as many people as I can about the importance of colonoscopy screenings. Currently, I am in the process of writing a book about my journey through cancer. It’s raw and it’s real. Other than writing, I enjoy photography, painting, family time and traveling. God has been good to me.

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